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How to plan a successful wedding day - H+MUA

To future brides,

We do not want you stressed on your wedding day, and to make things go as smoothly as possible here are a few pointers.

1. Don’t overdo hair products.

I know we all love a self care day, but save that for the week before the wedding, or even the bachelorette party! All you need to do to prep your hair for your wedding day is shampoo just the scalp + condition just the ends either the night before or the day of. Your stylist will be sure to bring (and use!) all the professional products that will help keep your hair in place all day + night.

2. Carve out enough time for hair + makeup.

Hair + makeup can easily take 1.5 hours PER guest combined without an assistant. Please have enough time for this. A mistake I learned very early on is to definitely to bring an assistant for almost every wedding. ( I require an assistant with 6 or more people receiving services). Most stylists, MUA’s and even photographers will bring along a team member to help them out. This team member will help speed along the day and cut down significantly how long it takes each lady to get ready. Your hairstylist should book a little extra “wiggle room” so if your contract says 10-2 and they finish at 1, do not hound them to stay till 2. They do this incase a lady is running behind from makeup, or if one of your girls showed up with greasy hair and we told her to go wash it. We also want you to be able to relax and drink a mimosa…or 3 before you say “I do” so please, leave the planning to the stylists AND the coordinators.

3. Please EAT..before

Brides, I know we all love a good Chick-Fil-A breakfast minis, or your Starbucks coffee, but please help keep us H+MUA on time by eating (& drinking) when you are NOT receiving services.

I hope you took a few pointers from this, and if you have any questions regarding your upcoming wedding, never hesitate to ask!


your Hairstylist + Make Up Artist's

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